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The Governing Board of Legacy Public Charter School will consist of five (5) members.  For the first two years of operation, at least two persons with Harbor School Method™ expertise gained by serving on the Governing Board of a Qualified Harbor Method™ school or teaching in a Qualified Harbor Method™ school setting will be appointed to serve on the Governing Board to provide oversight, training and stability within Legacy’s Governing Board to help insure successful implementation of the Harbor School Method™.  After year two, at least one person with Harbor School Method™ expertise gained from a Qualified Harbor Method™ school will be appointed to serve on the Governing Board.

1. Mr. Bart McKnight, Chairman*
2. Mrs. Sheila Bryant, Vice Chair*
3. Mrs. Emily Criddle, Secretary/Treasurer*
4. Mr. Danny Bower, Board member*
5. Mrs. Brianne Gray*

*Meets the Harbor School Method™ expertise requirement.

2019-2020 Continuous Improvement Plan Metrics & Demographics

Legacy #478 Continuous Improvement Plan Narrative

Legacy Charter Amended w-6th increase & new priority preference

Legacy Amended Bylaws 7.19.2012


Minutes and Agendas