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Educational Websites

This page is  dedicated to connecting parents, students and teachers to websites that have  an educational value. All web pages have been previewed by teachers.

To determine which websites are for primary, intermediate, or secondary grades, please click here.
Geometry & shapes 
Uses quick computation to multiply, divide, add, subtract 
Number sense that  goes along with the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 
Logical games, story  problems, multiplication and angles, a little bit of everything 
 Addition,  subtraction, multiplication, and division fact tables 
 Numbers, shapes,  space and measures, and handling data
 Basic mathematical  operations to pre-algebra
 Basic mathematical  operations to  algebra
 Numbers, fractions  and calculation  games
 Angles, place values,  multiplying, comparing fractions and decimals, and prime factoring 

 Calculators - of all types!
Letter Recognition 
Writing skills 
Language Arts skills  – goes along with Scott Foresman textbooks 
 Spelling games
 Spelling/ homophones,  synonyms,
vocabulary, spelling
Language Arts  building  skills
Online dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia
A wide range of  informational and  learning games 
Educational and fun  games in various  subjects; animals, geography, vocabulary 
chemistry, science,  math, health and  nutrition, SAT review 
A wide range of  subjects and learning games 
Covers all subjects 
Current events and  such
Covers all subjects 
A variety of games  and  information
ISAT test prep 

Learning the home row 
Basic keyboard layout  and individual row typing practice sessions 
Keyboard layout and  typing skills test 
Online test typing  from home row to flash card practice 
 Practice typing tests 
 Online typing tutor 
 Online typing test