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Shurley Resources

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the Shurley Method—English truly made easy! It is with much excitement that we share some of the unique features that make the Shurley Method so successful. Because of your concern as a parent to help your child, this booklet has been designed for you. 

With this Parent Help Booklet, our goal is to give you, the parent, a basic understanding of the Shurley Method. We hope it makes your job of helping and encouraging your child at home a little easier. This booklet will provide you with samples of the terminology and style of teaching that is used at school so that you can follow your child’s progress at home. 

The information in this booklet is divided into the sections explained below. 

The Introduction Section: The first three pages in the Parent Help Booklet will give you an understanding of why the Shurley Method works, outlining the key features and main elements taught in each grade level. 

The Jingle Section: English definitions are taught in jingle form. The rhythm of the jingles is a fantastic learning tool that helps students learn and retain difficult English concepts. Students love reciting the jingles and are taught how to use the definition jingles to help analyze the structure of sentences. The Jingle Section will provide all the jingles your child will learn during the school year. 

The Question & Answer Flow Section: Students are taught how to ask the right questions to find the role each word plays in the sentence being analyzed. This technique is called a Question & Answer Flow or the Q&A Flow. The Q&A Flow is done in a rhythmic, enthusiastic manner, enabling children to actively participate in their learning. Children’s participation builds their confidence, and they are able to solve difficult sentence structure without constant assistance. The Q&A Flow is a stepping stone to higher level thinking skills because children will be stimulated to learn and use their own thought processes to answer questions about words and sentences. Several Q&A Flows and sample teaching scripts to introduce new concepts are provided in this section.
Practice sheets, for the sentences in this booklet, are available in a separate file that can be downloaded. 

The Practice and Improved Sentence Section: Students are taught how to write and expand sentences correctly by writing practice sentences from grammar labels. Students then learn to improve their sentences by using synonyms, antonyms, or other word changes to improve different parts of the practice sentence. Writing improved sentences will help students to mentally make better word choices as they write because their writing ability and their vocabulary increase. 

The Writing Section: The Shurley Method teaches the foundation of sentence composition: how to write a sentence, how to improve and expand a sentence, and then how to combine sentences into paragraphs. Since the Shurley Method teaches the parts of a sentence within the whole, students always have a clear picture of what it takes to write complete and accurate sentences, resulting in well-written paragraphs, essays, reports, and letters. Some writing samples and outlines that demonstrate different kinds of writing are provided in this section. Since students are taught to edit their writing, the editing checklist is also provided on page 21. 


Brenda Shurley